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This site will feature stories, products, techniques and videos regarding catching big bull bluegills. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please email We hope to build this into one of the best fishing websites around.

Some topics we will cover will include bluegill lures, best baits, bluegill fishing spots, bluegill fishing tackle, using bluegill as bait, fly fishing for bluegill and many many more. We will also cover other pan fish like Crappies, Green Sunfish, Pumkinseeds and Hybrids.

We also want to include fishing experts like you, the reader, in our articles. If you have any great tips or links, feel free to send them. Fishing is something everyone can enjoy and it should be shared. There are plenty of fish in the sea!

To be one of the best fishing websites, we believe you need three elements – great content, user participation, and a great user experience.

Great content means providing relevant and informative that is tangible and specific. We want you to be able to read an article and go out fishing twenty minutes later and use this information.

User participation means gets feedback about articles, hearing your stories and getting you involved in this community. We want to know which articles are good, which ones are bad and what you’d like us to write about next.

When we mention a great user experience we mean maintaining a neat, clean site that is easy to read on all devices and is easily shared. It also means having a variety of media – written articles, videos, links to some of the other best fishing websites, etc. Additionally, we don’t want to spam you with flashing ads and pop-ups. For now, the site is ad-free and is just about providing quality content.

If you like what you see and read, please like, +1, share and let everyone know about our site. Thanks and see you soon!