Best Fishing Gifts 2017


Shopping for the angler in your family can be difficult. Most fisherman that are serious about it are very particular about the products they want and many are quick to buy any new toy they desire. Here are 10 of the best fishing gifts of 2017. All are very affordable and universal!

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Best Fishing Shirt

Columbia Men's Tamiami II Long-Sleeve Shirt

Columbia Men’s Tamiami II Long-Sleeve Shirt – $26-$35

Columbia makes outstanding fishing clothes. They can be a bit pricey but they are extremely comfortable, durable and lightweight. They have “Omni-Shade” sun protection technology that protects your skin on sunny days while still being light and breathable. The shirt comes in over a dozen colors and in sizes up to XXL. Columbia also makes a short sleeve version but I prefer the versatility of the Tamiami II.


Best Fishing Sunglasses

Flying Fisherman Maverick Polarized Sunglasses

Flying Fisherman Maverick Polarized Sunglasses – $22

Every angler needs a good pair of sunglasses. I always recommend a curved wrap-around style that allows you to see without glare coming from the sides or above. Flying Fisherman, a company based out of the Florida Keys, is highly regarded as one of the best fishing sunglass manufacturers in the world. Their sunglasses are specifically designed for anglers and very affordable.


Best Fishing Magazine

In-Fisherman Magazine

In-Fisherman Magazine – $10

If the fisherman in your life is still old-school and prefers books and magazines to a computer screen, then In-Fisherman is the best bet. All of the articles are written by true experts. Their articles are tangible and contain amazing innovations and ideas for catching more fish. All freshwater species are covered in the magazine.


Best Fishing Book

Best fishing gifts - Twenty-Eight Unforgettable Fishing Tales

Greatest Fishing Stories Ever Told: Twenty-Eight Unforgettable Fishing Tales – $12

These twenty-eight stories are incredible. Any fisherman, freshwater or saltwater, will enjoy this collection of amazing tales. The book contains stories from a variety of different authors from around the world. I can’t say enough good things about this book.


Best Fishing Pliers

Rapala 6.5 Stainless Steel

Rapala 6 1/2 Stainless Steel Pliers – $10

As I’ve stated before, a good set of pliers is one of the most valuable tools any fisherman has. They are used to remove hooks, cut line, adjust equipment and even open pesky bags and containers. Rapala makes a variety of affordable pliers that work great. Even if your angler already has a pair or two, they will still appreciate this gift. You can never have too many pairs of good pliers.


Best Electric Fillet Knife

Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife

Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife – $28

Okay, there are probably better (and more expensive) electric knives out there. However, the Mister Twister is the best value. You can also purchase replacement blades which is something you can’t easily do with most other brands. In addition to cleaning fish, these knives can be used to cut other meats, bread, foam and just about any semi-soft item you can think.


Best Rain Gear

Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit $30 – $60

Anyone that has been out on a lake or river during a rainstorm knows how valuable a good rain suit is. Rain pants aren’t the most stylish clothing item in the world but they beat wet pants. Frogg Toggs make great sets of no-frills combos in a variety of colors.


Best Water Shoe

Teva Men's Churn Performance Water Shoe

Teva Men’s Churn Performance Water Shoe – $76

Going in and out of the water and don’t wear waiters? Water shoes are your answer. These work great when docking/undocking a boat or hiking through wet terrain. Unlike most water shoes, these actually don’t look too bad as well.


Best Home Fishing Decor

Ambient Weather BA212 Weather Station

Ambient Weather BA212 Wall Mounted Weather Station – $28

If you’re looking for something for a home office or den, this is the perfect gift. As most fisherman know, fish generally get active when the barometric pressure is falling (and in some cases rising). This is an affordable item that also looks great.


Best Key Chain Item


Backcountry Line Nipper

Backcountry Tackle Line Nipper – $8

This affordable and practical item is a great small gift. Every dentist will tell you – it’s terrible to bite line with your teeth. Don’t do it! A nipper allows you to make clean, close cuts on your line and has a pin that is great for painted over jig heads.


Do you have any great gift ideas for an angler in your life? If so, share them below. Also, what’s are some of the best fishing gifts you’ve received?

Yo-Zuri Snap Bean Review

Yo-Zuri Snap Beans Factory Picture

I first heard about the legendary Yo-Zuri Snap Bean years ago. I heard many stories of it’s fantastic ability to slay all kinds of fish – bluegills, bass, crappies, trout, and just about any fish in fresh water. The kicker is it is ridiculously small – either 1/16th oz or 1/32nd oz. I decided purchase the Snap Bean and give it a try. Here is my review and summary of the Yo-Zuri Snap Bean.

The Package

I bought my Snap Beans at a local Cabelas store. I thought they might be in one of the crankbait aisles with all of the other Yo-Zuri products but they weren’t. I had to ask an employee who just happened to know exactly what I was talking about. He guided me to the panfish section and we found one remaining set – the Tennessee Shad version. I personally have always liked this color scheme so I was fine with it.

Yo-Zuri Snap Beans Box

The package comes with two lures – a 1/16th oz and a 1/32nd oz. It’s a little odd to me that they’d come together like that – I’d prefer two of the same size in different colors or just a one pack that was cheaper. I paid $6.99 for the pair. This seems a little steep for two very small crankbaits. However, they are difficult to find and are very popular so I understand the price.


Yo-Zuri Snap Bean Size

It’s really hard to comprehend how small these little guys are until you have them in your hand. They are tiny. As you can see from the picture, the 1/16th oz is about the size of a quarter and the 1/32nd oz is just bigger than a dime. There is one treble hook located on the back end of the lure which seems a little large, particularly for the smaller size. I’m sure you could do some modifying if you’re ambitious.

Yo-Zuri Snap Bean in Action!

I went to a local lake that has some decent shore fishing to test it out. The lake has large amounts of small bluegill so I figured this would be a perfect trial run. I noticed immediately that it was extremely difficult to get any distance on casts. I was using a lightweight rod and reel combo on 4lb test Berkley line and I could probably not cast more than 15 feet max with the smaller 1/32th oz Snap Bean on.

As far as the action was concerned, I was very impressed. It’s always a concern with something that small that it will run funny or not run at all. However, it had a very good wiggle to it. That being said, if there were any specks of moss or weeds on it, it would change to an unnatural motion. I think that’s to be expected though.

Snap Bean Back of Box

It’s also worth noting that Yo-Zuri Snap Beans are not floating lures. The package says they sink 4-6 inches per second. I found that it sinks much slower than that. In fact, it almost seemed like the 1/32th oz pretty much floated an inch or two under the water.

Does it Catch Fish?

I absolutely slayed the small bluegills! It was pretty impressive. Just about every time I had a clean cast without any moss or line twist on it I had a strike. I did miss quite a few strikes which I’d attribute to the small size attracting smaller gills.

Bluegill caught on snap bean

Small Bluegill on 1/32 oz Snap Bean

Like I said earlier, though, I was at a lake with an overabundance of small bluegill and I was fishing during spawning times. I caught over a dozen small bluegills and two crappies in probably 45 minutes on Snap Beans. I also was experimenting with some bobber rigs but had much less luck with that.

Crappie caught on Snap Bean

Crappie caught on 1/32 oz Snap Bean

I still want to test it on open water or on a river and try to land some larger fish. The casting distance and sinking ability concerns me, though. I don’t see it being a deep water bait and so it might be reserved for bluegills chasing insect hatches and shallow water situations. Also, because of the price, have concerns over using them in shaggy situations like sunken trees and rocks but that goes for all crankbaits. I have quite the collection of found river crankbaits that people lost while the water levels were high. One final concern is that I’ve been told the snaky pickerel has an appetite for the snap beans. Because they’re so small, it really wouldn’t take much for a Northern Pike to cut you off and swim off with half of your $6.99 purchase.


I really enjoyed my time fishing with these little guys. I would categorize them somewhere between a novelty item and a go-to lure. The fish seemed to love them and I believe you can probably catch just about any species of fish on them. The only downsides are your casting distances and the rather high price for such a smaller unit.